The Benefits of Hardware Flexibility

With the average restaurant only allocating 2.5%of its overall revenue to their IT budget, and 54% of that budget going toward maintenance of existing systems (Hospitality Technology, 2019 Restaurant Technology Study), it can be difficult to innovate and keep up with the rapidly changing demands of your guest's expected dining experience.

One way that restaurants can stretch their IT budget, is by using a hardware agnostic POS. When POS software is hardware agnostic, it means that the software can run on any point-of-sale hardware device, whether that is a fixed terminal or tablet, a hardware device made by that software vendor, or a device made by another POS vendor.

The ability to use any hardware device with your POS software allows you to be flexible. Let's say you do not use tablets in your operation today, but later on choose to implement them. Utilizing a POS system that lets you add devices when your business requirements change, will keep you up to date with the latest technology trends. This is particularly important in the currently evolving world of contactless solutions. We can expect to see a rise in new technology, so restaurants will have to be flexible in order to keep up with guest demands and implement the new technologies that emerge.

Shiji POS hardware
Infrasys Cloud POS running on multiple hardware devices

In addition to added flexibility, the ability to use your existing hardware is a great way to ease the install burden and sometimes-high costs associated with implementing new POS software. If you only have to purchase software, you can take the money saved from not having to invest in hardware and put it to use elsewhere in your business.

To sum up the key benefits of using a POS that is not dedicated to a particular device, with a hardware agnostic system you can:

  • Be Flexible: A POS that supports multiple devices and operating systems, gives you the flexibility to use what works best for your business. This even allows for a combination of using traditional fixed workstations, tablets, and consumer devices, running on different operating systems.
  • Save Money: If your existing hardware works, and you don't have to purchase new hardware, you can redirect those cost savings to other initiatives in your business.
  • Shorten Install Time: If you can utilize your existing hardware when installing new POS software, your install time will be shorter since the implementation team will not be required to install hardware devices.

Infrasys Cloud POS allows you to use your existing POS hardware, or our purpose-built Shiji hardware devices. Infrasys also works on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems meaning that you can use Infrasys with iPads, Android tablets, iPhones, iPods and Windows devices. This allows you the flexibility to deploy a hybrid approach of traditional fixed workstations, convertible workstations, tablets, and consumer devices. With native mobile capabilities and a flexible set of APIs to support a mobile strategy, Infrasys is designed to provide the customizable digital experience that your guests want.

To learn more about Shiji POS hardware or Infrasys Cloud, you can contact us here.