The QR Code Payment Solution Built Just for Infrasys Cloud POS

Powered by Shiji Payment Solutions, allow your guests to pay a check with their personal mobile device.

Shiji Payment Solutions

A Scalable QR Code Payment Solution

With over a decade of experience, Shiji Payment Solutions has collaborated with numerous banks and merchants to provide cutting-edge, scalable, and secure payment solutions.


Shiji MobilePay is built just for Infrasys Cloud POS, giving you a seamless integrated experience.


Connected to a wide range of global payment providers, so you can use the provider that you want.


Give your guests a QR code payment option, to pay for their check using their personal mobile device.

How it Works

Allow your guests to view, split and pay their check quickly and seamlessly.

Step 1 / 3

Scan QR Code

Payment begins with the guest scanning the QR code on their receipt.

Step 2 / 3

Choose Payment Type

The guest chooses their preferred payment method.

Step 3 / 3

Confirm Payment

After inputting their payment information, the guest confirms payment.

Payment Methods

Allow guests to pay by their preferred payment method.

* Available payment methods are subject to the payment processor in use

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