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POS solution built to support F&B enterprises globally.

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Flexible POS for Hotels & Resorts.

POS solution built to support global hotel enterprises.

Peninsula Hotels
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Cost Effective and Secure

Our POS runs on any hardware, saving you the cost of changing systems (Android ®, iOS®, Microsoft Windows ®).

Adaptable and Agile

Manage your restaurant from anywhere and from any hardware. Available to you both online and offline. Our system offers you Centralized Management, Advanced Reporting, Inventory Management and much more!

Short Install Time

Installation time is minimized with a hardware agnostic Point of Sale, enabling you to utilize your existing hardware.

Point-of-Sale, Your Way

Struggling with your legacy hotel system? Not being able to run your business from any device or location? Are you missing excellent local support? Infrasys can help.

Online and Offline Capabilities

Stay connected where ever you are. Our system has a centralized management, reporting, inventory, SKUs, media management, massive scalability and plenty more! Available to you online and offline!

Effortless Integrations

Our open API architecture enables you to get the best of both worlds. We've been working hard to integrate with other platforms to make your life easier.

Use Any Hardware

As a cloud platform, Infrasys can work with any hardware including Mobile POS (Android ®, iOS®, Microsoft Windows ®)

Infrasys Hardware


Restaurant Installations


Hotel Installations


Years of POS Experience

The features you need, when you need them.


Our POS solution is easy-to-use, intuitive and reliable, enabling staff to spend less time on devices and more time with guests.


Empower your guests by supporting the payment channels they like to use.


Whether your guest would like to order at the table or via their mobile device, our POS has that covered.


Infrasys POS is cloud-based and therefore hardware agnostic, enabling you to use any hardware of your choice.

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Enterprise, native.

Having built point of sale solutions for over 7000 outlets over two decades, we know a thing or two about serving busy restaurants.

Cloud-based and offline capable.

We don’t need to explain the benefits of having a Cloud-based solution. Centralized management, reporting, inventory, SKUs, media management, massive scalability and plenty more.  The beauty of Infrasys Cloud is it works offline too.

We believe in easy integrations.

Our open API architecture is a novelty for the point of sale industry. But that’s because being part of the Shiji Group we understand deeply how powerful systems become when they integrate to all other platforms. 

Your hardware or ours? You choose.

Being a cloud platform, it was designed to work with any hardware.  Re-use your existing hardware if you have it already, buy local hardware if you prefer or ask us for our state of the art hardware solutions.

We needed a POS solution that was flexible, modern, and integration friendly. lnfrasys proved to be the best solution to meet the needs of our centralized organization.

  • Tobias Koehler, Group Director
    Systems & Commerce, Ruby Hotels.

Infrasys is more than a POS system. I’m really impressed with the dynamic reporting capabilities and the flexibility it provides.

  • Amila Udana, Technology Manager,
    Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi

Here’s what some of our customers say about us.

"We needed a POS solution that was flexible, modern, and integration friendly. lnfrasys proved to be the best solution to meet the needs of our centralized organization."

Tobias Koehler, Group Director
Systems & Commerce, Ruby Hotels.

"Infrasys is more than a POS system. I’m really impressed with the dynamic reporting capabilities and the flexibility it provides."

Amila Udana, Technology Manager
Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi

"Our previous POS system was very limited in terms of functionality, so one of our main goals was to choose a POS that could actually do the things we needed it to do, the ability to use our existing hardware was a major factor in selecting Infrasys. The system was very easy to learn, the Infrasys team was extremely helpful during the install. The flexibility that Infrasys provides is unbeatable.”

Mónica Sunsundegui, Managing Director
Hotel Río Bidasoa.

"It was important to us to select a point-of-sale vendor that not only provided professional customer service, but also a cloud based mobile POS System which has a fast reaction time and is very easy to use and reliable. The state of the art systems architecture allows us to adapt to changing requirements indifferent outlets in a timely and reliable fashion, which we need to stay competitive.”

Dietmar Mueller-Elmau, CEO
Schloss Elmau

Frequently Asked Questions

With clients around the world ranging from multi-national chains to single properties, we accumulate plenty of questions. We've summarized the most frequent ones below.

How many workstations can run in a standalone mode?

There are no limits to the number of workstations that can run in a standalone mode. All workstations can be installed and setup as smartstations, which have the capability to run in standalone mode. Read more

Does the hardware need to be purchased from the same POS provider?

Our cloud-based solution is hardware agnostic meaning that you can use whichever hardware you like.

Are the Infrasys API open and how do they work?

We built Infrasys to be as open as possible. We provide unlimited access to our APIs to enable third party companies who wish to integrate. The Infrasys platform has more than 200 APIs in 8 categories. Today, we have over 30 third party partners integrated to the Infrasys Cloud API, and that number continues to grow each month.  Some integrations only take a few weeks to complete full development and certification. Our true cloud native platform allows us to provide an interactive API test console, sample code, sandbox access, documentation, and API version control, to create the friction less process of integration that you would expect from a modern cloud solution. For a look at our integrations, visit:

If the server isn't working, am I still able to process sales?

Infrasys POS has the capabilities of working both online and offline, even during a server interruption. When the connection re-establishes, the data from the offline transactions are automatically uploaded to the system for an accurate overview and reliable reporting.

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