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With clients around the world ranging from multi-national chains to single properties we get plenty of questions. We have summarized some of the most frequent ones here. If you have more questions, contact us and we'd be happy to answer.

Does each location require a Server Master, without which only a maximum number of workstations can operate on its own?

Whether one workstation or hundreds of workstations, Infrasys’ architecture keeps your restaurant running while not connected to the Cloud, by using a local PC as a “transactional cache” that maintains local interfaces which is sized to the operational volume of each location.

Are there limitations on how the system hierarchy can be designed?

We have no limitation on hierarchies. Infrasys is flexible in hierarchy design, allowing for multiple zones and configurations tailored to meet each enterprise’s requirements. Additionally, there are multiple levels of reporting which can be configured to match operational needs. This enables enterprises to design their configuration hierarchy based on individual business requirements such as region, brand, sub region, sub brand, etc.

If I am using a local system (LS) PC for property caching and interfaces, and it goes down, what happens to my workstations?

Infrasys  Cloud POS is versatile and provides different implementation options to suit different sizes of operations, and the network security requirements  of our customers. For large  hotel  implementations, a dedicated PC is always preferred for better control  on outgoing access to Infrasys Cloud HQ (rather than setting all POS clients to have internet access). This also  provides failover capability on an application level. During network downtime, workstations can switch to standalone mode to resume operation. and once the  network is available, sales data will automatically synchronize with Infrasys Cloud. Recommended local PC requirements are not extensive, and since we support virtual machines, the cost of a small server footprint on site can be further reduced. There is no limit to the number of POS clients supported during standalone mode.

Is there a limitation on the number of workstations that can run in standalone mode

There  are no limit to the number of workstation that can run in standalone mode. All  workstations can be installed and setup as smartstations, which have the capability to run in standalone mode.

How does the workload increase for front of house staff during or after there is a network failure

Because the system can run in standalone mode in case of network failure, transactional data is locally available for the hotel to operate without any  impact on operations. The operation has access to property level reporting as  well, and there is no additional or manual work needed. Once the network  connection to the cloud becomes available, all of the transactional data will be uploaded to the cloud automatically. It is quite seamless.

How does the KDS  (Kitchen Display System) integrate with Infrasys and are there any additional  costs?

We  provide Kitchen Display System as a part of our core modules of Infrasys  Cloud. In addition, we integrate with a multitude of third party KDS  providers either via our API's or by integrating with their API's.

How many levels of hierarchy does infrasys cloud provide as a part of the Enterprise definitions?

Infrasys  Cloud provides robust enterprise set up capability which adapt very well in  chain hotels as well as chain restaurant operations.  There is no limitation to the number of  hierarchy levels that may be set up in Infrasys Cloud. Additionally, the ability to combine grouping definitions extends the enterprise capability  offering the needed flexibility to large enterprise operation in managing  their global, regional as well as local configuration requirements.

Where and how is our data stored?

Infrasys Cloud uses Amazon's AWS servers and cloud computing technology. This means the data is stored closest to where it is being used, respecting local and international security and privacy regulations.

What happens when an old version is sunset or reaches end-of-life?

The advantage of a cloud based system is that it doesn't have end-of-life issues. Because this is a software as a service we guarantee that you will always be running on the latest version without needing to disrupt operations in order to upgrade your software. For more information read our more in-depth description of how to avoid end-of-life issues here:

Are the Infrasys APIs open and how do they work?

We built Infrasys to be as open as possible. We provide unlimited access to our APIs to enable third party companies who wish to integrate. The Infrasys platform has more than 200 APIs in 8 categories. Today, we have over 30 third party partners integrated to the Infrasys Cloud API, and that number continues to grow each month.  Some integrations only take a few weeks to complete full development and certification. Our true cloud native platform allows us to provide an interactive API test console, sample code, sandbox access, documentation, and API version control, to create the frictionless process of integration that you would expect from a modern cloud solution. For a look at our integrations, visit

Does  Infrasys Cloud have a Table Management Solution?

Infrasys Cloud offers a robust Table Management Solution (TMS) that not only allows online bookings (with complete inventory control) but also provides your guests the ability  pre-order via online menus. Guest preferences, spend history as well as transactional data  are recorded within the Table Management Solution. In addition, integration with third party online booking channels is also available.

Do you provide a payment platform

Shiji Payment Platform enables payment integration both for fixed device and Pay@Table payment processing including traditional card transactions and disruptive payment methods such as Alipay & WeChat Payment. A highly secure PCI-DSS 3.2 & PA-DSS 3.2 validated application, built with security in mind and reducing customer PCI scope by utilizing tokenization with Infrasys Cloud.

Can we re-use our workstations and printers

Yes, you can preserve your hardware investment and re-use existing hardware. Epson printers running on TCP/IP protocol may  also be re-used.

What type of support is available for Infrasys Cloud?

We offer 24x7 support globally for Infrasys Cloud. Shiji understands the importance of local  support and therefore provides Level 1 support locally for a large number of countries around the world.

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