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Decades of experience in point-of-sale systems and counting.

Since 1994, Infrasys has grown to become an experienced and innovative player in the restaurant technology business, and we think it is just the beginning.







A Shiji Product

Shiji provides products, services and platforms facilitating consumer journey across the retail, travel, entertainment and restauration industries, as well as consulting and collaboration service.

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The Beginning

Infrasys was created in 1994, at the time many restaurants were still using manual pen and paper systems to manage their properties. Infrasys' founders started working on a system that would help improve restaurant management. What they didn't know was how big it would become. After working with restaurants for a few years, The Shangri-La hotel group decided to implement Infrasys in their hotels. This marked Infrasys' entrance into the world of hotels. The Infrasys team decided to open offices around Asia Pacific to manage the demand that was coming. Hong Kong Disneyland adopted Infrasys technology, and shortly after, Infrasys was integrated into the Shiji Group portfolio. Shiji Group has provided Infrasys with the resources to grow outside of the Asia Pacific region.

Part of Shiji Group

In 2007 Infrasys was acquired by the Shiji Group. Managed as an independent entity within the group, Infrasys continued to grow and evolve with new resources provided by Shiji. The Infrasys team started building a cloud-based platform that was launched in 2012 as part of the bigger network of platforms within Shiji Group.

The Future

We believe technology is only going to get bigger and more important to the hospitality industry. Our vision is to continue innovating, improving and integrating our system with more channels to help make management, staff and customer lives easier. If we can remove friction from service, we think we've done a good job.