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Discover Infrasys Cloud POS

Infrasys Cloud POS

Fast. Reliable. Secure.

We’ve made Infrasys blazing fast so waiters can focus on service.

Infrasys Cloud POS

The most demanding service jobs in the world, deserve great software solutions.

Fast, integrated and multi-lingual, Infrasys' intuitive user experience provides the best solutions for any scale hotel and restaurant chains.

Manage multiple outlets, easily.

Switching from bar to restaurant shouldn’t be hard. Managing inventory, sales, and staff in multiple outlets shouldn’t require jumping through hoops. Infrasys is a fully cloud-based solution that permits all that and a lot lot more, easily.


Enterprise, native.

Having built point-of-sale solutions for over 7000 outlets over two decades, we know a thing or two about serving busy restaurants. Built for groups and chains, we've used the best of the cloud to centralize management tasks and the experience of on-premise to focus staff attention on their guests.

Cloud-based and offline capable.

We don’t need to explain the benefits of having a cloud-based solution. Centralized management, reporting, inventory, SKUs, media management, massive scalability and plenty more.  The beauty of Infrasys Cloud is it works offline too.

We believe in easy integrations.

Our open API architecture is a novelty for the point of sale industry. But that’s because being part of the Shiji Group we understand deeply how powerful systems become when they integrate to all other platforms. 

Your hardware or ours? You choose.

Being a cloud platform, it was designed to work with any hardware.  Re-use your existing hardware if you have it already, buy local hardware if you prefer or ask us for our state of the art hardware solutions.

Infrasys Cloud POS