Remote Access

All your data, your menu and your ordering system are always with you, no matter where you go. All you need is a tablet or mobile device and internet access.

Employee management

Centrally add or remove users to your locations, manage access rights and track performance or access rights from a central location. Improve security and peace of mind with efficient access control.

Inventory management

With standardized inventory management you’re in control of your inventory per outlet or for the group. Managing when you’re low, when you need to shift stock from one location to another or just connecting it to re-ordering systems.

View Reports

The owner can view and print the store operating data reports via mobile devices or other portable devices at any time anywhere through a web browser. Grasp the operation moments.

Enterprise Architecture

Control and manage brand standards across multiple entities. View centralized revenue and sales statistics to increase profitability.


Centralized security management and protection provides your system with protection from threats making your data and your customer's data safe.