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Bringing Digital Guest Experience to a New Level

One of the many benefits of being part of the Shiji Group technology stack, is that Infrasys can easily be integrated with other Shiji products. An example of this is Infrasys’ integration to MyCheck.

MyCheck was started in 2011. Since then, it has grown from being a consumer-facing app that provides guest navigation and payment services, to a platform of digital solutions that equip hotels with a secure and seamless guest engagement experience. MyCheck offers services for various stages of the guest journey, including One-Click Payment, Digital Check-In/Out, and Digital Ordering Experience.

Shiji Group acquired MyCheck in May of 2019. With a diverse customer base, partners and integrated platforms, MyCheck was a valuable addition to Shiji.

Since MyCheck is now a Shiji Group solution, there is an unbeatable integration between the MyCheck and Infrasys platforms. Not to mention, this means that we are users as well as developers of our own product. In other scenarios, companies would be required to update their APIs in order to create a native interface to a solution like MyCheck. However, since Infrasys and MyCheck are both Shiji technologies, the interface between the two products was able to be built using our off the shelf APIs.

The MyCheck product platform enables hotels to take part in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend. As guests travel with an increasing number of personal devices, hotel operators are faced with the need to create a BYOD environment that is appropriate for their brand(s) while enhancing the digital guest experience.

In addition, Shiji’s MyCheck solutions allow Infrasys users to easily implement guest-facing ordering and payment technology, that essentially start at the beginning of the guest’s journey: when they book a hotel room. Guest details are carried through the guest’s stay via a digital wallet that can contain traditional credit cards as well as alternative payment types. Instead of having to use their physical credit card to dine, this digital experience can be used to speed up the payment process. Alternatively, if not created when they book their room, guests can create their digital wallet at any point during their stay.

This digital technology is then used at the various dining choices that can be offered at a hotel property such as:

  • Room service dining
  • Order ahead dining
  • In-restaurant dining
  • Grab and go dining

Both Infrasys and MyCheck products support multiple languages, currencies and payment types (VISA Checkout, Masterpass, Apple Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay, and more) making the combined solution ideal for large enterprise hotel operations with a global presence. By utilizing both solutions together, operators gain the benefit of a global solution that is scalable, easy to use and reliable.

There is so much to talk about when it comes to MyCheck’s technology. In our next few blog posts, we will dive deeper into the technology and how it works with Infrasys POS. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions or would like to see a demo, you can contact us here.