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Hardware Showcase: Meet the HM618 Tablet

Restaurant and hotel operators are always looking for new ways to increase guest satisfaction. After all, they are in the business of providing great hospitality. Many have found that utilizing tablets and other mobile solutions is a great way to do this, after all, they can expedite table turns, help with line busting, and much more.

If you chose to implement tablets at your operation, the key to success is choosing devices that are durable enough to withstand the sometimes-harsh conditions found in hospitality environments. For example, the tablet hardware you chose should be able to withstand spills, hot temperatures, and drops without fail.

To provide hospitality operators with a purpose-built tablet device for the hospitality industry, Shiji Group created the HM618 Tablet. Designed for superior durability, the HM618 Tablet meets IP54 standards for exposure to water, ensuring that it can withstand a spill. Furthermore, because we know that accidents happen, the screen is made with durable projected capacitive touch technology (PCT), ensuring that it can withstand being dropped to the ground without completely shattering into pieces.

The Shiji HM618 Tablet in Smart Dock configuration
The HM618 Tablet in Smart Dock Configuration

The HM618 Tablet is available in three different configurations:

  • Standard Configuration: The HM618 tablet alone. The tablet comes standard with a rear and front facing camera, card reader, hand strap, RFID reader, 1D and 2D scanner, and multiple ports.
  • Charging Dock Configuration: Add a 5V charging dock to the tablet for a sleek and stylish base that also charges.
  • Smart Dock Configuration: With a dual articulating stand, cash drawer port, and integrated 2” printer, the Smart Dock transforms the HM618 tablet into a fully functioning convertible POS workstation with a smaller form factor.

Best of all, our Infrasys Cloud POS software is configured to operate seamlessly with the HM618 Tablet. Infrasys is a cloud-based software but is offline capable, and even boasts a fully customizable tableside ordering system, making it ideal for mobile devices. Infrasys works on all hardware devices, so it can fit into any mobile strategy, whether that’s consumer tablets or a purpose-built solution like the HM618.

To learn more about the HM618 Tablet and Infrasys Cloud POS, you can contact us here.