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The Pros and Cons of Cloud-based POS Solutions

Entrepreneurial success in the hotel and restaurant industry depends to a large extent on the quality of service, but also on the optimization of all business management processes. Those who purchase a new POS system can benefit from a modern and up-to-date POS system at least in these two points and significantly increase their competitiveness.

The cloud-based Infrasys POS is highly adaptable to mostly all possible operating scenarios and requirements. Unlike many other providers, Infrasys has succeeded in integrating the new fiscal regulation in Germany (TSE / Technical Security Equipment) in a legally compliant and, above all, punctual manner, thus contributing to legally compliant operations.

Cloud-based solutions offer the advantage above all that they are completely hardware-independent and can be accessed from different devices, including tablets and smartphones. The stored data can thus be accessed at any time, regardless of location and from different devices. However, companies that rely on this solution are always dependent on a (very good) Internet connection.

To ensure that fluctuations in Internet quality do not affect smooth service, Infrasys is installed hybrid, i.e. it also works offline. Infrasys specializes primarily in POS systems for the hospitality industry. Its customers include leading hotel and catering groups that value a high degree of standardization and control. These include global players such as IHG, Hyatt and Marriott, as well as local groups such as Ruby Hotels and the Soibelmann Group.

How to choose the optimal POS system.

F&B areas have always had their special requirements that distinguish them from other POS solutions, for example in retail. Shiji, as a specialized hotel service provider, can point to over 20 years of experience in all aspects of hospitality POS systems; this extensive expertise and experience flows into Infrasys. As a result, new and innovative solutions are constantly being developed, some of which are not yet on the market in Germany, but which customers can already access today. Infrasys offers, for example, the possibility of digitizing the entire room service, optimizing the breakfast area in a data-protection-compliant manner by means of guest identification via room card, or optimizing the fine-dining area with the help of digital menus and booking processes. The catering or hotel business can develop and build many competitive advantages with this support.

One of the outstanding unique selling points is the independence of the hardware used in each case. Demand and investment can thus be optimally coordinated, so that economically sustainable solutions can also be established in the long term. Infrasys runs as a stand-alone platform on the modern restaurant POS systems from Shiji, but the operator can just as easily and flexibly use offers from their own hardware suppliers and purchase them independently of the TSE POS system. Consumer hardware such as iPads, Android or Windows tablets, and even smartphones can also be used, so that the appropriate end device can be ready at every touchpoint. This also includes the hybrid installation of Infrasys in the cloud as well as on the respective device, so that even an intermittent interruption of the Internet connection does not cause any problems and a smooth and uninterrupted service remains possible.

Important: Always remain adaptable.

More than ever, it is essential to be able to act flexibly in the catering and hotel industry - daily and long-term requirements are subject to an increasing dynamic of change. Buying a TSE POS system now and keeping an eye on the future at the same time is completely unproblematic with the cloud-based platform Infrasys - further developments of the system can be used seamlessly without any additional costs or administration efforts. Especially in restaurants and hotels, 24/7 support is essential - and a matter of course with Infrasys. The system's open IT architecture and equally open interfaces enable perfect integration of the POS system into the existing infrastructure. Already in 2019, Dietmar Müller-Elmau, luminary of the hotel technology industry and founder of Fidelio/Micros Systems (global market leader in the POS sector, today part of Oracle Hospitality) decided to use Infrasys in his luxury spa resort Schloss Elmau near Munich (host of the G7 summit, at that time with Angela Merkel and Barack Obama, among others), thus making a clear statement about the qualities of the POS system.

Using a contemporary restaurant and hotel management system like Infrasys as in its F&B area also provides the necessary insight into key business metrics via the creation of user-defined reports.

Infrasys - a brand of Shiji Group

Infrasys is a brand of Shiji Group, which was founded in 1998 as a provider of network solutions for the hospitality industry. Today, the company employs more than 4,000 people and works with more than 60,000 hotels and 200,000 restaurants worldwide. With the native cloud-based Infrasys solution, F&B companies benefit from Shiji's open product architecture and accompanying open APIs, which allow for full third-party connectivity at virtually no cost. As a cloud provider, customers benefit from all further developments free of charge and receive uncompromising support around the clock.

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