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Creating a Digital Guest Experience with Kiosks

In our last article, Bringing Digital Guest Experience to a New Level, we introduced our sister brand MyCheck, and how Infrasys and MyCheck work together through platform integration. To follow up, we wanted to dive deeper into the technology, and specifically discuss kiosk ordering.

Creating a digital guest experience is a hot topic among hoteliers today. One way that hoteliers can start to create this experience is with kiosks in their food and beverage outlets. Kiosks have many benefits. They can:

  • Increase sales: Studies show that a guest is more prone to purchasing when they do not have to wait in a cashier line.
  • Lower labor costs: Staff will not be required to man a cash register station.
  • Boost order accuracy: Kiosks remove the potential for human error.
  • Enable suggestive selling: You can promote similar or complementary items to guests during the ordering process.

Infrasys and MyCheck have teamed up to create the ideal F&B kiosk ordering solution for the hospitality industry.

MyCheck’s kiosk software integrates seamlessly with the Infrasys Cloud POS platform. Since MyCheck and Infrasys have a direct integration, the MyCheck software is able to pull menu information from Infrasys through the Infrasys API. This means that a hotelier does not have to maintain menus in each system since the POS is the database of record.

The Infrasys API is more flexible than other POS software provider’s APIs, and therefore allows a F&B operation to get more out of a connection with MyCheck. For example, utilizing MyCheck with Infrasys allows you to pull through menu item images and descriptions, creating a single source for content management. This is a function that a MyCheck integration with another POS system will not provide.

The MyCheck kiosk software UI is intuitive and user friendly and makes payment a breeze. Guests can pay be credit card (via EMV), or even charge their purchase to their hotel room. MyCheck works with over 20 acquirers and financial partners, so you can pick who you want to work with.

Shiji Group (the parent company of Infrasys and MyCheck) provides a global network of technology platforms and solutions for the hotel, retail, food service and entertainment industries. Shiji’s goal is to offer world-class technological solutions and connect the businesses of these industries on a global level. When you chose MyCheck and Infrasys, you are effectively selecting a partner that brings years of hospitality experience to the table and is a one stop shop for your technology needs.

If you have any questions or would like to see a demo of Infrasys, you can contact us here.